What Is KombatLink?

  KombatLink is free-to-join online eSports community where players aged 13+ can compete against players from around the world in the favorite multiplayer titles. Play for free and earn bragging rights or join a premium tournament to win cash and prizes.
  • Create a personalized profile with your unique avatar, user rankings, top games and preferred consoles
  • Add your real-life friends to your user profile or make friends with a member of the community
  • Discuss strategy or the latest eSports news in the interactive chatroom
  • Join a clan and compete against other clans to see who can earn the most points
  • Duel 1-on-1 or challenge a rival clan to gain more experience points
  • Earn the Trusted Status by regularly participating in tournaments and challenges, while also abiding in the Code of Conduct

Win Online Tournaments for Cash

  • Play in online tournaments and earn Loyalty Points
  • Trade in your Loyalty Points for merchandise or use them to enter into tournaments for cash prizes
  • Continue to win and unlock higher-stakes tournaments and challenges with bigger and bigger rewards

*Must be 18 years or older. Registration open only to participants residing in countries, states or provinces that legally allow skilled gaming for prizes.


Online Marketplace

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  • Buy high-quality gaming merchandise from our store or other members of the community
  • Sell your gently used consoles, games, accessories and other gaming memorabilia for cash

The Hottest Multiplayer Titles

  • Platform support for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo
  • Play your favorite genre, including first-person-shooter, racing, fantasy MMO, brawl and sports
  • New titles added as new communities develop. We listen to what our users want! We’ll add support for new games if there’s enough interest and demand


Ready to Get Started?

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