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You’ve honed your skills against your friends and online foes. Now you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got. Think you have what it takes to command complete victory in a KombatLink tournament?

 KombatLink free-roll and fee entry tournaments are for member-only events where players can compete in their favorite online multiplayer games to win cash and earn loyalty points that can be traded for cool gaming swag from the KombatLink store.

Choose Your Challenge

Single Player Elimination
Two players enter, but only one will emerge victorious! Keep challenging your opponents until you’re the last player standing.
Clan vs. Clan
Defend the honor of clan as you face off against mighty teams from around the world. There can only be one clan that reigns victorious in the end!
Round-robin style elimination will have you facing off against opponents in your division. Win your bracket and advance to the next round. (Qualifying structure will be announced prior to each event.)

Upcoming Tournaments

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What’s the Difference between Tournaments and Kombat Challenges?

KombatLink Tournaments are official events organized by the KombatLink staff, and are open to all members of the site. Kombat Challenges are matches organized by the user that can be played for free or for a cash pot that goes to the winning party. Both Kombatlink Tournaments and Kombat Challenges game play are the same, where the player will need to use their own consoles and games to play.


Single player tournament/Clan tournament

1) Click the “Tournament “ tab
2) Select a tournament and Sign up

3) Tournaments are required to meet the minimum player requirement by the signed up deadline to be activate. (Note: If the tournaments do not reach the minimum requirement by deadline, all entry fee taken will be refunded in full back to the players account)

4) Players/clan member are required to check into every round of the tournament by scheduled start time. A Pop-Up window will appear on your screen for check in.  You could also check in by clicking on the “MY BATTLE” tab page and clicking on the “Check-In” button on the same section as the tournament ticket number. (Note:   Space availability for the tournament will be limited, depending on the game. Enrollment for clan members will be determined on a first come first basis. (*Once all spots are filled, any members that attempts to accept the invitation will see a message saying “Clan is fully checked in” Players who are enrolled and do not check in will be disqualified)

5) During the check in process, each player will be matched up with an opponent, and provided details required for game play. (Note: Only the leader of each competing clan will be match up with each other. It is the clan leaders’ responsibility to organize their clan members and have them ready for the tournament.)

6) The tournament system will randomly select one of the two players/Clan leader that are competing to be the host of each match. The host is responsible to set up lobby and map on their own console to facilitate that match. The host must contact their opponent and provide them with the necessary info and details to enter the match. (Note: In most cases the host will have to invite and add the opponents game tag to your friend list to their gaming console account)

7) Once both parties have checked in, a system notification will appear. The players can start the match anytime before the scheduled start time if both parties are in agreement, however, we advise players to start the match as close to the scheduled start time as possible in order to reduce long wait times between tournament sessions.

8) Now head over to “My Battles” page and click on “Play Schedule” to find your opponent. Now click on your opponent’s avatar to a message to ask for his console ID if it is not already display on his avatar.

9) Once the match is over, we encourage both players to submit game results so that determination of the winner can be processed quickly. A pop up window will appear for you to enter your game results, or you could also enter your results by going to the “My Battles” tab, and clicking on the “Play schedule” button.

10) Only the Clan leader will be required to report the game results after each match is over

11) Always attach evidence of the win with a screen shot (jpeg) or video in case of a dispute

12) If your opponent submitted a win, but did not play by the rules, you could create a dispute by submitting yourself as a win. (Note: Remember to attach evidence to support your dispute, otherwise the dispute becomes null and void

13) A dispute chat box will pop up on your screen, which is the place to explain your story in detail and provide evidence. If you have already attached evidence when you first submitted your game results then you do not need to do it again.

Want to learn more about KombatLink? Check out our FAQ page.


Gaming tournaments for prizes

Gaming tournaments for prizes

Online Tournaments for money

Online Tournaments for money

Gaming tournaments for money

Gaming tournaments for money