Daily Clan Battle (SND) CWL RULES 5v5 (#T75496)


Black Ops 4

0 Teams Signed Up / 2 Seats Left


Please use kombatLink Discord https://discord.gg/bKsePJM for general questions and tournament support.
In order to be eligible to sign up for this team tournament, you are required to form a clan and have atleast (5) members including himself. NOTE: Only the Clan leader can sign their team up.

When all the team slots for this tournament has been filled, an invitation will be sent out to every clan member via system notification or email to those players who are offline. It is the responsibility of the clan leader to follow up with his clan members to ensure those members have received the invitation and if they choose to participate to checked-in.

A host will be randomly selected by our tournament system, the host will then be responsible to create the custom game and set up lobby.

Contact your opponent before the match starts.

Host will invite opponent to custom game lobby by their PSN ID.

Round: Best of 5

Match Type: 5v5

Game Mode: SND

Zone: North America

Platform: PS4

Lobby Settings

— Friendly Fire enabled
— Battlechatter disabled
— Revenge voice disabled
— 3rd Person Spectating Disabled
— 3rd Person Gestures Disabled
— Gesture Camera Controls Disabled
— Team Assignment – Open
— Announcer – Enabled

Control Maps:
— Arsenal
— Frequency
— Gridlock
— Seaside

— Two second respawn delay
— Three-second suicide penalty
— 15-second pre-match timer
— Five second pre-round timer

Search and Destroy Maps:
— Arsenal
— Frequency
— Gridlock
— Hacienda
— Payload
Search and Destroy Settings:
— Time limit decreased to 1:30
— Round Win limit increased to six rounds
— Select Spawn disabled
— Silent Plant enabled
— 15-second pre-match timer
Five second pre-round timer

Specialists -
— Nomad
— Torque
— Ajax

Specialists in the game can be used by one player on each team, just like in regular Multiplayer lobbies

Specialist Equipment -
— Tac-Deploy
— Seeker Drone
— Reactor Core
Weapon Restrictions
— Titan
— Hades
— VKM 750
— MOG 12
— SG12

Other Restrictions -
— High Caliber
— High Explosive
— Laser Sight II
— Max Load
— Rapid Fire
— Rocket Cache
— Steady Grip
— Fast Lock
— Gung-Ho
— Skulker
— Team Link
— Tracker
— Overkill
— Primary Operator Mod
— Secondary Operator Mod
Scorestreaks :
— Care Package
— Counter-UAV
— Sentry
— Mantis
— Dart
— Acoustic Sensor



  2019-03-15  16:00 CST    
NOTE: This tournament has been cancelled


2019-03-15 at 16:00:00 to 2019-03-15 at 16:00:00 CST
Note: this is the potential tournament duration if you do not get eliminated before the finals.


Note: if minimum not been reached by sign up deadline tournament is canceled and credits refunded 


Winner $25.5


Every member of the team participating in the tournament will be required to check into each round of the tournament that they are playing in. (e.g. for a tournament with 7 rounds, there will be 7 check-ins required). PLEASE NOTE: DEADLINE FOR CHECK-IN IS 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL START TIME OF THE TOURNAMENT AND EACH ROUND. Players may check in at any time before the deadline. Players who fail to check in before deadline will automatically be disqualified from tournament. You may check in anytime by going to your (MY BATTLES) page.

Only the clan leaders are required to submit game results after each match. The timeline to submit results will be predetermined before each tournament and will be details of the match will be posted in your (MY BATTLES) page under (Play schedule) Failure to submit your game results by the preset deadline will result in disqualification. Clan leader can submit their game results in their (MY BATTLES) page. We encourage good sportsmanship and ask that all clan leaders submit their game results regardless of whether they win or lose this will help keep the tournament running smoothly.

We recommend that evidence is taken with the consoles built in recording system. The winner should take a video or screenshots of each games results in case evidence is needed for a dispute. All evidence should be clearly visible and contain the game score, all players on both teams, and a time stamped. Submission with multiple images and/or links should be compiled and submitted as one file.

False evidence submitted by players may result in immediate account suspension and penalty fees. (1st offence = 30 days/$25, 2nd offence = 60 days/$50, 3rd offence = ban/$100)

In the case that a player(s) disconnects during the game, the team is allow to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.

If the host gets disconnected and causes a connection issue for all the remaining players to continue playing, then the hosting team will forfeit the match to the opposing team.

Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a game.

Claiming prize maybe subject to verification.