How to Play KombatLink Challenges and Tournaments


Want to make the most out of your KombatLink account? Follow these steps to learn how to set up your account, accept challenges, participate in tournaments and cash out your winnings. Still have questions? Hit up our Support Team to learn more.

Creating Your Account and Accessing Your User Profile

  • Click the Sign Up link at the top-right of the site and input your info
  • Find your friends or add members of the community by using the Directory or chat about your favorite games in the Message Boards
  • Create a Clan by inviting other members or accept an invite to join an existing clan. Loyalty is everything, so you can only be part of one clan at a time

Creating a Challenge

  • Access your Account Profile and click the ‘Create Challenge’ tab
  • Already know who you want to challenge? Select ‘Specific Challenge’
  • Want to take on all comers? Select ‘Open Challenge’
  • Battle a single opponent in Head-to-Head mode or go multiplayer by creating a Clan vs. Clan challenge
  • Next, you’ll need to set up the rules. Choose the game and system you’ll be playing on and the settings for the matchup.
  • Time to set the stakes! A $0 entry fee means you’ll be playing for fun and for bragging rights. Increase the amount to play for cash*
  • Take the time to preview your challenge before sending it out. There’s nothing worse than playing with rules you don’t like!
  • Once you’re ready, send out the invite and wait for your opponent to accept it
  • Be sure to check in/log into your account at least 10 minute before your matchup is scheduled to start
  • The most important step is up next: Start your match, and have fun!
  • Once your match is over, you and your opponent will need to confirm who won and who lost. You can also attach proof, including images, videos or online links.
  • If you played a cash match, your winnings will be processed within 24 to 72 hours**

*Must be 18 years or older and reside in jurisdictions that allow skilled gaming for profit
**Payments to your account are processed by a 3rd party provider. Deposit may vary.


Accepting a Challenge

  • Once another member has invited you to enter a challenge, you’ll be able to accept or decline the challenge by accessing your Account Profile.
  • You can view your current challenges on the My Battles page, where you’ll be able to see the time, date and rules of the challenge

Participating in Tournaments

  • Hone your skills in hosted KombatLink tournaments, where you’ll be able to win cash and earn Loyalty Points that can be traded for gaming merchandise in the KombatLink store
  • Tournaments can take one of three formats:
    • Single Player Elimination: Compete in one-versus-one matches. Win against your opponents to advance to the finals.
    • Clan vs. Clan: Participate in ranked battles against opposing clans. The clan with the most victories and points wins.
    • Bracket: Play against your competition within the same bracket. Each round cuts the number of players in half until there’s only one player who stands victorious.
At the end of every tournament, you’ll be awarded Experience Points, and prizes for finalists. Rewards and entrance costs will always be clearly stated on its Tournament Page.

Filing and Settling Disputes

  • In rare cases, disputes between players will arise
  • Matches will automatically end in a dispute if both players claim victory
  • Once a dispute has been initiated, both sides will have two hours to submit evidence to the Customer Service Team. This can include photos, videos and web links
  • An impartial and timely decision will be rendered by a Moderator and both sides will be informed of the ruling through their inbox

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